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Building Modern Agroecology & Sustainable Agriculture 

ORASC R&D+ is dedicated to the development of tools and methods using Machine Learning and Computational Genomic to help agri-businesess excel in the arid and semi-arid climate 

Bespoke Software Design
Genomics is helping plant scientists understand better the links between plants and their environment. We develop computer programs that use DNA and RNA sequences to search for important genetic variants. These variants are used by plant scientists to discover genetic differences in cultivars to handle external stimuli such as chill and heat hours requirements, tolerance to particular diseases, tolerance to salty, alkaline and acidic soils, tolerance to drought, ect. Plant breeders can use these variants as markers to select important traits for the development of new cultivars much tolerant to new challenging climates.
Image of pomegranate cultivars from a research paper

Machine Learning & Data Analysis
We use machine learning to discover variable relationships in datasets collecting hundreds of environmental and genomic variables that can help us understand better plants and their environment. A dataset combining genomic information and weather, chill and heat hours of particular micro-climate can help us find traits that influence, for instance, yield. Information necessary for the selection of the right breeds and specific cultivars for different micro-climates. The picture shows a typical micro-climate from the arid Algerian Saharan Atlas regions. Local data gathering is a crucial part of successful downstream data analysis.