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Building Modern Agroecology & Sustainable Agriculture 

ORASC Ltd is dedicated to building strong partnerships to meet the new challenges facing the agri-industry worldwide. Our professional approach to business and our passion to agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry is key to our success in establishing profitable and sustainable long term ventures.

Whether you are an agricultural scientist working to establish novel discoveries in arid and semi-arid climates, an agribusiness with the know-how expertise in desert farming, a cattle expert with knowledge in animal husbandry using state-of-the-art farming technologies for meat and dairy productions, an expert in horse breeding wishing to share your knowledge, our endeavour is to create the best business atmosphere to open up new markets in collaboration with land owners, occupiers, investors and joint venture partners. In partnerships with stakeholders using modern precision farming, we seek to establish best farming practises for maximum sustainable production and high return on investment with optimum focus on environmental protection.


We are continually building a network of stakeholders for the establishment of a large scale beef farming industry. Our aim is to bring the latest technologies in animal husbandry to develop an international commercial undertaking in partnership with beef farming experts.


Fruit and nuts orchads establishement require the scientific know-how to succeed.  We develop methods and use latest technologies to monitor a large number of enviromental variables to succeed in horticulture business.